World Cup / Weltmeisterschaft

Some blogs have taken the moral high ground and at least attempted to avoid mentioning the football. I haven’t managed this, but of course I haven’t got enough time to follow it properly. I regret having to work on Sunday and thus not going into Nuremberg to see the Mexican fans in their sombreros (and the Iranians, of course).

Anyway, you don’t see football everywhere. So I won’t touch the topic. Laugenbr├Âtchen for lunch:


Outside Nordostbad:


In the Germanisches Nationalmuseum:


This was a competition for schools. In front: Eckball:


Outside the museum:


At the Ehebrunnen:


And at last there’s some reason for the flagpole holders on the buildings here:


2 thoughts on “World Cup / Weltmeisterschaft

  1. The District of Columbia has no subdistricts. The ss is used here because nobody knows what it means, you see it everywhere, and outsiders expect to see it ;-)

  2. Well, I didn’t know the District of Columbia has no subdistricts, nor did I invent the example. But that rather proves my point, doesn’t it? I am contrasting 1. and 2. (as in the earlier entry).
    I am not so sure that outsiders in Germany expect to see it…

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