English in Nuremberg / Engländer in Nürnberg

Some curious statements from the local rag (most of them yesterday, so probably no longer available online):

In Britain, 29 per cent of the population are Anglicans, 11 per cent Protestants, 11 per cent Catholics and 1.5 m Moslems. 41 per cent have no religion.
(Who did they get this from – a Presbyterian?)

An English woman who has lived in Nuremberg for fourteen years had terrible trouble getting a job when she first came and it was almost impossible to get a residence permit (Aufenthaltsgenehmigung) – Pardon? What happened to the EU?

Green party city councillor Brigitte Wellhöfer on the number of English fans who go around with their shirts off: ‘Die Männer hier sehen doch alle nach Feinripp-Unterhosen aus’. (The men here all look as if they had fine-ribbed underpants.) – I find this hard to understand – does she mean you can see the imprint of their jersey underpants on their skin? Just as well the fans couldn’t hear it.

Insgesamt ist Großbritannien eine Inselgruppe zwischen Atlantik und Nordsee.
(Haven’t they left someone out?)

They also have a map entitled England, where Scotland and England are marked black, whereas Ireland and the Hebrides have been left green.


Well, they didn’t get that from a Presbyterian.

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