Football fans / Fussballanhänger


Just a few pictures since, as I have already said, this blog has nothing to do with the World Cup!

There is a webcam of the main marketplace in Nuremberg, where fans can drink and watch, either the scene at present or a speeded-up film of the past 30 minutes, at the Nürnberger Nachrichten site (scroll down).


This was ‘God save the Queen’ by a fan with drum who had gatecrashed a classical music busking duo:


This one needs some Photoshopping:


Note the Lebkuchenherz slogans: Wir holen den Titel and Elf Freunde müsst ihr sein


I’m afraid this person’s friends tried to put paint on my face in the German colours!


Trinidadians on stilts:


The baker Beck:


Some people will get in the way of the camera:


11 thoughts on “Football fans / Fussballanhänger

  1. I think the Reinripp (not “Feinripp”?) comment is a metaphor for boring blandness (crossed with a metonymic substitution of the knickers for the man).

    Oh, and don’t forget Wales.

  2. Oh thanks, that was a typo for Feinripp. OK, then it’s not so bad. I just keep hearing the Germans complain about the English not wearing shirts and it is getting me down. The underpants for the man, perhaps.
    About Wales – yes, sure, but they wouldn’t be so very shocked in the football context. They have their rugby.
    Trinidad and Tobago apparently held a cricket match on Wednesday afternoon, but I missed that.

  3. Well, he can walk across that, but what about Belgium? And what were they thinking about the Hebrides – do they think that’s the whole of Scotland?
    And if I see their page on Japan or Croatia, I tend to believe it.

  4. Beg to differ, they did indeed mean Feinripp. That’s a sorter expression for “100% cotton, boring, very much unsexy, large-sized, washed-out-of-shape, old-man-with-beerbelly, hairy-legs-shorts-white-socks-and-sandals underwear” or, in this case, the person wearing that. ;-)

  5. Nicolette: I’m not sure who you’re differing with – we’ve established it was Feinripp (I typed Reinripp, but it was a genuine typo). As for the comment, I wasn’t aware of the connotations. It seems fair enough.

  6. I shouldn’t be so critical! But I had a colleague whose name ended in -ham, and all the students and German-speaking staff used to pronounce it in full.

    As for Newham, you may hear both pronunciations, when you consider that the term is superordinate for East Ham and West Ham (I think). I only have the first ed. of the Longman Pronunciation Dictionary, and it says the version with schwa is the standard one.

    I suppose Der Beck was evading the rules against advertising on the basis of the World Cup if you aren’t a sponsor. Very good.

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