Franconian menu / Fränkische Speisekarte

Waldschänke Nürnberg (deutsche Speisekarte)

(Thanks to Jutta – I didn’t ask her what she ate)

Cordially welcomely in the Waldschaenke sport bar

Frankish courts
Pig roast with Kloss and salad 6,30
Schaeuferle roasted with Kloss and salad 7,90
Sour roast with Kloss or Spaetzle in addition salad 7,80
Rinderroulade with Kloss and salad 7,80
3 Frankish bratwuerste with herb or potato salad 4,90

From the pan
Shred Viennese kind with Pommes or potato salad in addition salad 7,10
Hunter shred with Pommes in addition salad 7,30
Gypsy shred with Pommes and salad 7,30
Shred “Waldschaenke special” with garlic sauce, Kroketten and salad
Cordon Bleu with Pommes or potato salad in addition salad 7,70
Putengeschnetzeltes with Spaetzle or Roesti in addition mixed salad 7,20
Schweinelendchen in with duchess potatoes and salad 7,80
Putenmedaillons with herb butter, Pommes and salad 7,20
Ham noodles with scrambled egg in addition salad 6,20
Roestkloss with ham and scrambled egg in addition salad 5,90

Fish courts
Calamaris with Remouladensosse and salad 6,80
Fischfilet baked with Remoulade and potato salad 6,10

Vegetarian courts
Kaesespaetzle with roasting bulb and salad 6,20
Sheep cheese baked with salad, olives and Peperoni 5,20
Fresh cheese potato bags with salad 5,40
Mozarellasticks on multicolored salad 5,40

Excavator specialities
With apple mash or preiselbeeren 4,30
With Camenbert in addition preiselbeeren 5,90 over-bake
Vegetable excavator with mixed salad 6,20
With smoking salmon in addition Preiselbeermerrettich 6,80
With Schweinelendchen and pepper cream sauce in addition salad 7,90
Excavator on back steak with cheese over-bake in addition salad 6,90

PUT chest strip on multicolored salatteller with weissbrot 7,20 Salad
plate with gek. Ham, cheese, olives and Peperoni 5,90
Greek farmer salad with Baquette 6,50

Noodle courts
Tagliatelle on tomato sauce with Parmesan and Basilikum 5,90
Tagliatelle with smoking salmon strips in cream sauce 6,50
Spiral noodles with China vegetable sweetly sourly from the pan 6,30
Spiral noodles with PUT chest strips and China vegetables in pikanter
sauce 7,20
Tortelini with meat filling in the seeing Niger cream sauce 5,90

3 Apfelkuechle with vanilla ice-cream and cream 3,80
And raspberries 3,30
are called vanilla ice-cream with cream? Gem.Eis Schoko, vanilla,
strawberry with cream 2,90

Small courts
Cattle beef-tea with pancake strip 2,30
Chili con Carne in addition weissbrot 4, 60?
Curry sausage with Pommes 4,60
Schaschlik with Pommes 5,40
Chicken Wings with Pommes and pikanter Sauce 5,50
Shred-and-yielded with salad supplement 4,90
Ham cheese Baquette over-bakes 4,50
Baked Camenbert in addition preiselbeeren and weissbrot 3, 90
Ham or chese sandwich with cucumber and tomato 2,30
Knoblauchbaquette 3,00
City sausage with music in addition brown bread 4, 60
Kaept’n blue bear plate 5 Fischstaebchen with Pommes or potato salad
Child shred with Pommes and Ketchup 5,00

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