Prince Philip

Not only was a recent remark of Prince Philip’s in bad taste, it was too difficult for dpa to understand:

bq. Bei einem Empfang in Edinburgh äußerte sich der 85jährige verwundert darüber, wie viele Waisenhäuser es in dem osteuropäischen Land gebe. “Man hat den Eindruck, daß sie dort nur brüten, um sie (die Kinder) in die Waisenhäuser zu bringen”, sagte Prinz Philip nach einem Bericht der Zeitung “The Sun”.

LATER NOTE: After calls for the original, here is something from the Scotsman:

bq. After a winner said he had worked in Romania, the Duke reportedly replied: “Romania? You didn’t go across to help in one of those orphanages, did you?”
When the student said no, it was claimed the 85-year-old duke added: “Ah good, there’s so many over there you feel they breed them just to put in orphanages.”
(Gleaned from the u-forum mailing list)

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