Competition results

The results of the RollOnFriday competition mentioned a few days ago are in.

bq. Nabarro Nathanson: “What are your main interests and activities, and how have they changed over the last ten years”.
19 year old applicant: “I don’t climb as many trees as I used to, and Action Man doesn’t hold the same appeal”.

Apparently some firms ask what animal / biscuit / fruit / car your friends see you as.

bq. Biscuits: “A garibaldi. I panicked. I don’t even like garibaldis”

I think Garibaldi is a good answer. One doesn’t eat them often enough. See A Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down

bq. A complete one off, the Garibaldi biscuit is unlike any other, and as such commands a unique position in the biscuit world.
Where do I begin, its got more currents [sic] in it than even a fruit shortcake. They come in big slabs with little marks where you are supposed to break them up. …
Affectionately known as dead fly [sic; should be ‘squashed fly’, MM] biscuits, yet again the sheer fact they have a nick name marks them out from their other biscuit brethren.

Even the first sentence of this indicates it’s not a style guide.


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