James Nolan on interpreting/Buch zum Dolmetschen

In the ITI Bulletin, Florence Mitchell recently recommended three books for people to read to prepare for a simultaneous interpreting weekend: Roderick Jones, Conference Interpreting Explained, St Jerome Publishing; Andrew Gillies, Conference Interpreting, Tertium; and James Nolan, Interpretation: Techniques and Exercises, Multilingual Matters.

Now I find, through a Google newsfeed, a review of the James Nolan book online at Worldpress.org. The reviewers are Dr. Lynn Visson Mosty and Dr. Ingrid Mosquera Gende, who are based in Russia and Spain, I understand.
It appears the LINGUIST List did a write-up in 2005 (this is a version of the first review).

Here’s more. Well, those interested will have to investigate for themselves. I suspect the book is good.

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