Ichthyosaurus graveyard / Fischsaurierfriedhof

Link zur Jurameer-Ausstellung in Eislingen
Der letzte Ichthyosaurus, von Joseph Viktor von Scheffel (der natürlich auch das Frankenlied geschrieben hat, wie ich leider seit meinem 21. Jahr weiß)

This collection of 3D ichthyosaurus and friends was happened upon when a road was being built in 2002. I went to the exhibition in Eislingen last Sunday.



What is particularly exciting is that I have discovered a new ichthyosaurus myself – the one on the logo! The blue picture is part of a postcard showing the exhibit hanging inside (no photos allowed). The whole thing is plaster. The dark bits are casts of what was found, the pale bits of what was reconstructed – hence the exciting eyeball socket. The creature almost certainly travelled up and down with its mouth open, rather like me on my office chair reading exciting news on the Web. Its upper jaw is longer, presumably for bashing its food on the head. But the one in the logo has a longer lower jaw, like a bottom-feeder. I wonder if anyone else has noticed this discrepancy.

The first bit discovered was a vertebra. You can request your own colour cast (I didn’t get one).

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