Fürth Buddel

Some people have been coming to this site searching for Fürth Buddel, so it’s time I explained it. The whole pedestrian zone here is being resurfaced. At the moment, large parts have more bumps than there are speed bumps in English streets. The shops are all selling, for five euros, a soft toy called Fürth Buddel.


Now the Buddel is quite a nice toy, but it’s also a shameless clone of Mecki. What’s the legal situation there? I suppose they would say one is a hedgehog and one is a mole.



14 thoughts on “Fürth Buddel

  1. Yes, I saw you have an MT blog when I was looking around for comparison. But I don’t know what version you have. Jay Allen said I should update, but there is more than one reason I want to leave MT for WordPress or Expression Engine.

    At the moment I am considering restructuring my website. I would have an opening page with links to translation services (much less CV stuff than now, just a brief note or two), weblog, F

  2. Well, I did a Google image search on Krtek – which produced a couple of real moles too – and I now think it’s a combination of the two. Krtek has the right colours. Of course, all moles may look like that if they take their waistcoats off.

  3. Well, we talked about that before… My advice is ExpressionEngine, especially if you don’t want a blog only, but also provide information about yourself, post photos, etc. But whatever you do, move away from MT :-)

  4. You think it’s no harder to learn than WordPress, Ingmar?

    I would like photo galleries. But I want to try out creating one myself first to see how useful the feature is in EE.

    Can you also tell me where I can find a couple of days to move the blog?

  5. I don’t think it is significantly harder than WordPress, no. Well, EE is more powerful and therefore more complex, but you don’t have to use all the functions at once; simple blogging

  6. If you don’t want a default theme, this goes in favour of EE, I think. It doesn’t come with as many themes to choose from as WP, but it’s easy to create your own. With WP it’s the other way round.

    Basically, any given website can be converted to an EE template in a few minutes. Drop me a PM if you want to discuss.

  7. Thanks, Ingmar – I will take you up on that, but I don’t know when (I am looking at cameras at the moment…). It may be a good idea to convert the rest of the website first and do the blog later.
    I did find a theme I quite liked, but was not sure how far I would be allowed to adapt it (Contented5).

  8. Yes, looks nice. Well, they explicitly say “you’re free to modify them and use them for any purpose without cost or obligation. We prefer that you leave the link to our website in the footer but it’s not required”, don’t they?

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