Seen at zeiser+büttner (does that mean there’s been an amalgamation with Zeiser + Ress? yes, apparently so) in Nuremberg:



A great Christmas present for the law student who has everything. Law students have to have the looseleaf Schönfelder, to take into exams. In this way they can also keep orthopaedic doctors in work in future years when they get problems with their shoulders. Outside Germany you could probably even use it as a handbag. Also works with Sartorius.

3 thoughts on “SchönfelderSkin

  1. How remiss of me. I have a postcard here that they gave me after I asked if I could take a picture. It says the leather (dark brown or black) is 39.80 euros and the nylon and leather (black, sand or red with light brown leather) is 23.80 euros.
    In the package, you also get a metal book support (Buchst

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