This is a Sandgrasnelke which I photographed last Sunday. I don’t know what it is, except that it is a kind of pink or carnation and its leaves and stems are covered with wax to withstand a dry climate. I don’t think it should be flowering in November, somehow.

LATER NOTE: it’s armeria elongata, not a carnation at all. Armeria maritima is thrift, and is similar – this is a subspecies.

6 thoughts on “Sandgrasnelke

  1. That’s easy. “Happy Christmas” or whatever is appropriate in about 500 languages, many of them wrong.
    A picture is more difficult, though. But a person in a booth with headphones on is a translator, isn’t it? And red felt reindeer horns.

    Any other suggestions?

  2. If only I could “do” cartoons, a possible idea:

    Caption: “Horace used a special receptacle for his most trusted dictionaries.”
    Picture: a waste paper basket containing a higgledy-piggeldy assortment of all our favourite directionaries.

    (Or is this idea too subtle, too?)

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