Kant falls foul of the Plain English movement

The Plain English Campaign don’t like Kant. Perhaps they should try Hegel.

Germaine Greer writes:

The campaign’s press officer, the ruggedly monosyllabic Ben Beer, informed me as plain Ms Greer – no honorifics – of my unlooked-for good fortune thus: “I am writing on behalf of the Plain English Campaign with the news that you have won one of our infamous ‘Golden Bull’ awards this year. The award is for a sentence published in your Guardian article published on October 23 2006 … some of our supporters were somewhat baffled by the following: ‘The first attribute of the art object is that it creates a discontinuity between itself and the unsynthesised manifold.'”

There’s some heated discussion in the comments too.

Glossary of terms in Kant

6 thoughts on “Kant falls foul of the Plain English movement

  1. An interesting follow-up to your post on the Bible.
    Is there a hidden link?
    For many people, perhaps “ein w

  2. Not that I’ve heard of, although I’m out on the western edge of the city, which tends to be a bit more relaxed. In Berlin as a whole and the surrounding region, I think aggression against people with a darker complexion is more of a problem than graveyard vandalism.

  3. Since I posted this, there was a report in the Sunday paper that seventy graves were desecrated in Forchheim on Friday night. Flowers were pulled up, crosses overturned and plant bowls broken. The police say the damage cost at least 5000 euros. They don’t say anything more about it.

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