English translation of judgment against Saddam Hussein

The Grotian Moment blog, which blogs the Saddam Hussein trial, has been given a first unofficial translation of the judgment.

It does appear preliminary – perhaps there were communication problems between translation and paper (‘this safe town was rich in fruit gardens irritated from the Tigris river’), but it looks good. The Grotian Moment site comments:

Over the next few days, critics will undoubtedly pick apart various aspects of the Dujail Opinion. The English translation is a bit awkward, the text is redundant, and the prose certainly won’t be compared to the opinions of Oliver Wendell Homes or Learned Hand. But even the harshest critics of the Tribunal will have to admit that it did a competent job writing its Opinion, and that the Opinion does answer many of the questions about the fairness of the process.

The ‘Iraqi High Court’ referred to is given here as the Iraqi High Court Criminal Law.

(Via the German American Law Journal blog)

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