Leuze mineral bath / Mineralbad Leuze

This is a bit off topic, but is anyone au fait with the Leuze in Bad Cannstatt? For the second time I swam there on January 1, and I spent some time in the 20 degree outside pool with water from two springs. I didn’t write down the names of the five minerals there. It’s far too cold for me, but once you have swum nearly a length, the tingling in the water makes you feel warm all over, so you can keep swimming comfortably even though it’s actually cold. What’s more, the temperature keeps small children away. Lots of carbon but no chlorine.

There’s a detailed review online, but the reviewer didn’t try this particular pool because it was so cold. I haven’t yet found anything describing this effect.


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  1. I’ve been to Leuze, but you won’t find me in the cooler pools either. If you are planning to swim in the Stuttgart area, you should really try the Mineralbad Bad Canstatt. It is smaller and I don’t know what the parking situation is like, not having a car, but we never have trouble with children there. (I love kids, but most German pools seem to have no rules whatsoever.) The changing areas were more pleasant and the locker system better set up in the Mineralbad Bad Canstatt. good luck!

  2. Thanks for the information. I am not there often, but over the years have been to several places in and around Stuttgart. Leuze is my favourite, though. It is great swimming in cold water and feeling warm. I didn’t notice any problems with the locker system, although maybe you knew the bath (pool) before it was reopened.

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