Messuages to be had/Schwäbisch-Hall

This is fairly presented, identified for what it is, probably useful for the potential buyer, and yet – some texts are better suited to machine translation than others:

The monument-protected messuage claimant as rider hotel and stud. 1985 were constantly continued the main house reconditioned and at all buildings. Therefore the former manor is in a maintained condition. The park-similar exterior installation with old tree existence rounds the picture off. Zupachtung of pasturelands is conceivable. This historical ensemble has nearly boundless variants of use with numerous extension possibilities. Please you visit also our homepage with our extensive real estate offer under: http://www.pfeiffer koberstein we look forward to you! Buyer commission: 3,48% of the selling price; Pfeiffer and Koberstein real estates GmbH, specialized broker for agricultural messuages, upper Gaensaecker 23, 74673 Mulfingen, Germany, Tel.: 0049 7938-9926-0, fax: 0049 7938-9926-10, email: info@pfeiffer koberstein, registry office Swabian-resound…

One thought on “Messuages to be had/Schwäbisch-Hall

  1. Echoes of messuage from the Real Estate Dictionary entry of Nov. 23rd, 2005. I’ve come across the term only in Monty Python/The 2 Ronnies’ TV sketches and Eng. conveyances of unregd. land: ‘does convey etc. ALL THAT LAND AND MESSUAGE known as'(note the caps)- never as an estate agent’s sales pitch.

    The machine may be unfamiliar with country estates or US-type ranches, but at least it got the tel. and fax. nos. right and not percentage stops instead of commas.

    A golden opportunity to mis-translate Zupachtung was also missed.

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