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There are a number of periodicals for translators that can be found online, sometimes all issues (ADÜ-Nord Infoblatt), sometimes just older issues (Hieronymus – click on Archiv), multilingual, of the Swiss association ASTTI; ATICOM’s FORUM; TransRelations, by the BDÜ Landesverband Bremen und Niedersachsen; the Austrian association Universitas also makes the BDÜ Hessen-Info available – I didn’t find it on the BDÜ website – and a copy of the NZSTI journal Word for Word in New Zealand, with an article on interpreting in war zones – and Universitas’ own Mitteilungsblatt).

The German Language Division (GLD) of the American Translators Association (ATA) has a newsletter and I happened to look at the December 2006 issue and found an article by Inge Noeninger in Canada, originally from Frankfurt am Main, on legal translation: Juristische Übersetzungen … trocken? – Von wegen! A nice collection of references for translating and learning law.

There’s also a review of the Langenscheidt ALPMANN Fachwörterbuch Kompakt Recht (also in German).

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