RSS feed theft and email spam/ Wiedergabe ohne Namen und Hilfe per E-Mail

Es ist nicht schwer, mein Blog (ganze Einträge) auf einer anderen Site zu veröffentlichen. Aber ohne Link und ohne meinen Namen ist es mehr als irritierend.

Auf der Site von merlin translations, unter verschiedenen Städte- und Grafschaftsnamen, wird mein Blog sowie die Blogs von anderen auf dieser Weise wiederveröffentlicht. Die Site scheint nur dazu erstellt zu sein, über Google Ads Geld zu verdienen.

The merlin-translations site republishes several feeds without any acknowledgement (I wonder if anyone reads them…) The owner of the domain said this particular site is run by someone else, whom he would contact and request either to remove the link or to add my name and site. Nothing seems to be happening. (The purported email address at hotmail has expired).

Meanwhile I got some spammy stuff probably from Russia, telling me that my site has a serious defect (ein schwerwiegender Designfehler). Of course it has a lot of serious defects, but I didn’t realize that the omission of a favicon was such. I did try out some favicons once, but I didn’t like my results. I am told these people will do me one for 199 euros (I have to provide the logo myself). The serious problem of not having a favicon is that your site fills up with error messages from bots searching for the favicon. It’s all true, folks!

Fehlt die Datei favicon.ico, so kann das Fehlerlog eines Webservers bis zur
Unbrauchbarkeit mit Fehlermeldungen vollgeschrieben werden, da bei jedem Seitenaufruf versucht wird, sie zu laden.
Gut, dass wir den Fehler auf Ihrer Homepage entdeckt haben.

Good for who? A search for Frank Baader IT-Consulting reveals other recipients.

7 thoughts on “RSS feed theft and email spam/ Wiedergabe ohne Namen und Hilfe per E-Mail

  1. That’s very kind of you, Ingmar. But as you realize, the logo is one of the main problems (the other is that I don’t care very much). However, at least I can remove your name from the list of suspects.

  2. Yes, Margaret, I realize the logo is the problem :) And you really might not need one, either. It certainly won’t cause the dire problems predicted by the spammer, as you, of course, know. And thanks for removing me from the list, I appreciate it.

  3. About the feed theft: this site would actually be even better in Google if it did link me. I think the page with hundreds of subsites like ‘translators, Bristol’, ‘translators, Cardiff’ is just giving more ghits to the overall site. The pages themselves have no content other than my feed or someone else’s. I could possibly get the whole set-up some black marks at Google if I felt like it.

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