April Fool’s Day/April, April!

Numerous blogs, mailing lists and newspapers are indulging in rather obvious April Fool’s Day items. Here’s the Urban Word of the Day:

I pity the fool
In Mr. T-glish, a rhetoric comment equivalent to the English “I’d best not find out who it was.”
I pity the fool who scratched my car.

That’s just a genuine term chosen for the day. But somehow I know that the Nuremberg pets’ home is not looking for a family to take the polar bear cub Knut – let’s face it, unlike Fürth, Nuremberg was never part of Prussia.

However, the announcement that E-Bay wants to buy the ProZ website appeared on March 31st, although I’m not sure where. As a translator in Canada says under the ProZ entry: Wow! What a news – i am speachless…

And I suspect that the story at RollOnFriday about a lawyer who failed to proofread his profile properly is also true.

(Thanks to Chris)

LATER NOTE: There was a fairly complex report near the end of Gardeners’ Question Time (can be listened to online all week) on government proposals to have an MOT test for petrol-fuelled lawnmowers, with an MP who was very much against it.

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