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  1. Happy Birthday to Transblawg!

    Can I point out that Transblawg has provided answers to questions that Pope Benedikt couldn’t possibly answer? And even asked questions that Pope Benedikt couldn’t possibly ask?Maybe the Pope does have a picture of Martin Luther on the wall just to remind him that Popes *aren’t* infallible?

  2. I see a (fortunate) incompatibility in the very essence thereof.
    Any Pope believes that “Extra ecclesiam nulla salus”, while TRANSblawg is intrinsically a means to go beyond and, hence, outside.
    Happy birthday!

  3. Alles Gute im fuenften Jahr! Werd’ mir den Termin fuer 2008 vornmerken und unter dem Fenster stehen. Welches Fenster?

  4. Many thanks for all the good wishes. Although I have added some pictures to indicate where I could hold a speech from, I don’t advise turning up here next year to hear it.

    The thing about the Pope is: he is an intellectual, and he speaks in comprehensible terms, although of course his opinions are not always what one would wish.

  5. Idly, the sixteenth was also Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark’s 67th birthday.

    Congratulations. From an irregular, non-Germanspeaking reader.

  6. Sorry, Margaret, I am almost six hour late with my congrats. As for Mr. Ratzinger, I may congratulate him as well. Perhaps another 80 years from today if both of us are still around.

  7. Happy Birthday from the banks of the Missouri.

    BTW, I made up an e-mail address because your system told me:

    Your comment could not be submitted due to questionable content: h o t m a i l . c o m.

  8. Sili: Yes, I saw that on the German TV news. One of the better monarchs, I think.
    Larko: Yes, let’s give him a few more decades.
    Michael: sorry, I really must change the software sometime. I will allow hotmail again! What happens is that the only way I can ban spam is by a plugin. When a spam comment comes, I delete it and at the same time ban its address. I shouldn’t ban everyone from hotmail or aol or whatever, but it happens by accident. And people can always make up their address.

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