5 thoughts on “Writers’ rooms / Schriftstellerarbeitszimmer

  1. Claire Tomalin’s room has a remarkably familiar feeling. I like her statement “I don’t think it is possible to research and write biographies tidily”.
    I feel the same about having three translations on the boil at the same time.

  2. Yes, I must admit I didn’t give it a thought. You’re saying that this clause is acceptable in a contract between businesspersons, I suppose.
    I was really edging towards the question of translation, but the entry got long enough without it.

  3. The Ebro valley is swarming with storks this year. The other day in heavy winds I saw a pair flying valiantly sideways. If one shuts one’s eyes, the relentless clacking of bills reminds one of a legal secretary.

  4. That colony is mentioned here as one reason when storks appear back very early. Then there are a few who overwinter at Nuremberg Zoo, and there’s a man in Erlangen who dries the young storks with a hairdryer if it has been raining.
    Does the secretary bird clack too, or does it just look like a company secretary?

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