Sarkozy subtitles / Untertitel bei Sarkozy

I’m a bit late on this story of a freelance subtitle translator slipping a joke into the programme (accidentally?)


This was apparently an American freelance and the subtitles were seen in the USA on April 23:

Le 23 avril, un reportage du journal montre un discours de Nicolas Sarkozy. A un moment, le candidat UMP invite les Français à «s’unir à moi». Ce qui, traduit avec un brin de fantaisie en anglais, donne: «rally my inflated ego» («unissez-vous à mon ego surdimensionné»).

English reports here and here.

A top official with France 2 swiftly blamed the gag on American freelance journalists who play with the translations to amuse each other, including this one that managed to surface on television instead of their PC’s.

None of this explains how you can ‘fire’ or ‘sack’ a freelance.

Via Enig

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