Senior judge continues work/Court of Appeal-Richter arbeitet weiter

The Daily Mail reports that a Court of Appeal judge charged with flashing on a train is being allowed to continue work:

Lord Justice Richards is reviewing failed immigration and asylum applications as he awaits trial over claims he twice exposed himself to a woman on a train.

Quite right too, particularly in view of his salary. He may very well not be guilty, anyway.

He stressed his work was purely a ‘desk-top exercise’.

As long as he’s sitting down, then.
The article has a good picture of a full-bottomed wig (Allongeper├╝cke). These are only worn on ceremonial occasions, not in normal court proceedings. ‘Lord Justice’ is the title of a judge in the Court of Appeal and doesn’t imply he’s a lord, by the way.

(Via Criminal Solicitor Dot Net)

3 thoughts on “Senior judge continues work/Court of Appeal-Richter arbeitet weiter

  1. The Learned Judge’s reported exhibitionism, unless a case of mistaken identity, will no doubt be labelled a cry for help, as with a London High Court judge who was caught shoplifting at Rymans Stationery Shop on the Strand several years ago.

    That time, officers from Charing Cross Police Station round the corner definitely did recognise the latter as a member of the judiciary.

  2. His cat looks like it’s spending most of the time in or near the fridge, so I don’t think he needs a camera to follow where his cat has been. Just my 2 cents.

  3. There seems to be very good evidence, judging from The Independent, 12th June. It happened twice and the woman did nothing the first time, but the second time she got a photo of him leaving the station.

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