Fürth marathon


The population of Fürth transfixed by the 1000th-anniversary marathon. And also the half-marathon:



Added later (see comments):


The list of winners shows these are Wolfgang Vogt (born 1959) from Düsseldorf fire brigade and Andreas Engelhardt (born 1981) from Fürth fire brigade, who finished 94th and 90th respectively. Both took about 3:15 hours for the course. There were 1407 runners and the last one took 6:32 hours. Photo taken at 11:36.

4 thoughts on “Fürth marathon

  1. So which race is the dog in the first picture transfixed by?
    Perhaps it’s only the half marathon.

    The synchronised trotters in your second pic have my respect. Last time I managed the 25 km in Berlin (several years ago), I was not nearly so sprightly as I approached the finishing line.

  2. Those were some of the fastest marathon runners. I have added the photo immediately following this one (no pictures of the dog contained the numbers of the runners). I had seen the first three men, and the first woman, and had nearly reached home (the Fielmann in the background is part of the building I live in). You see numbers 1770 and 1751.
    There was a lot of cheering a couple of hours later, and I realized I’d missed the three Oberb

  3. But congratulations on the 25 km. They did look good, and didn’t seem to have quite the right figure. The clock was still for the half-marathon, and if I look at the list at around 2:40 hours, I think they must both be from Angie’s Landkreisl

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