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  1. I was given three of these lilies, white and not yet open, in return for promising to send photos – it hadn’t occurred to the people there to take a picture of their flowers with the church in the background. It wasn’t till I got home that I realized I could have stood further away from the flowers and got the church enlarged. Will have to go back there.

  2. I will mention it, but as for myself, I have enough difficulty communicating in English and German, without summoning up other languages I can’t really use any longer.

  3. srah: I mention this in the next entry, but you seem schizophrenic about pings:

    Ping ‘http://www.srah.net/mt33/mt-pings.cgi/4581’ failed: HTTP error: 403 Throttled

  4. Maybe it really is a cultural/language thing. I, too, have been puzzled for years as to why so many German professionals (lawyers, accountants) seem to have an aversion for the English adjective “contingent” (and the adverb “contingently”), especially as the perfectly reasonable translation of “bedingt”.

    It has happened so often that a German lawyer or accountant has tried to change our “contingent capital” (bedingtes Kapital) into “conditional capital”, and I just don’t know why. The term “contingent” is perfectly OK in English (incl. US English) in this context (contingent shares, contingent share issues).

    Maybe they find the word “contingent” somehow daunting, or perhaps it reminds them too much of German “Kontingent”. Similarly, could it possibly be that “act” reminds them of “Akt” (as in “nude”)?

    I think we should be told.
    Confused of Mainz

  5. Ich meine nicht “Gesetz” mit allen Nuancen, sondern als Titel eines formellen Gesetzes. Und vielleicht meine ich nur Juristen, die nicht besonders gut Englisch k

  6. Robin, vielleicht ist es auch der Verwaltungsakt, der im Jurastudium ausgiebig gepaukt wird. Eine konkrete, fallspezifische Massnahme – genau das konzeptionelle Gegenstueck zum Gesetz.

    Ob das die Aversion erklaeren koennte? Ich bin mir nicht sicher, da ich schon zu lange in einem Act-Land lebe und meist von Statutes speche, wenn es nicht um einen bestimmten Act geht.

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