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In der Frankfurter Rundschau fasst Thierry Chevel (einer der Perlentaucher-Erfinder) die Perlentaucher-Feindlichkeit der FAZ zusammen: Fünf Artikel, zwei Prozesse (über Handakte WebLAWg)

Siehe auch Die FAZ hasst den Perlentaucher, in Das Literatur-Café vom 29. Juni 2007. is a website that summarizes and links to print and other media on literature, above all the arts pages of the big German-language newspapers. It has an RSS feed too.

And it has an English version, signandsight, which has led to more articles on German literature in the foreign press than there used to be (it translates Feuilleton as feuilleton, but still).

Apparently the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung thinks Perlentaucher is making money from other people’s work. A recent court decision finding that Perlentaucher had misquoted the FAZ was reported there in vitriolic terms.

There is an ongoing court case where the plaintiffs are the FAZ and SZ (Süddeutsche Zeitung) and the defendant Perlentaucher, on the subject of whether summarizing reviews is plagiarism. The papers lost at first instance. The appeal is scheduled for 24 July.

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