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From Our Lips to Your Ears is a weblog about interpreting by Nataly Kelly in New Hampshire. She is collecting interpreters’ stories for a book project, whose site is here (‘Contact Us’ must be the royal we) and the main purpose of the blog is presumably to support the book, but she has other topics too.

Interpreters’ stories are often interesting, so let’s hope she gets some good ones. Others can be read online from the unfortunately infrequent blog the court interpreter.

(Via Céline)

2 thoughts on “Interpreter weblog/Dolmetscherblog

  1. It does seem rather a strange concept to me Margaret – an arm bath? Or was the idea to immerse both arm and armpit in this contraption? Is it near any place of work where folks might expect to get their arms dirty? Is it still used?


  2. It’s a Kneipp thing. I am not sure where your nearest one will be, but if it gets really hot you could try it at home: immerse both arms to above the elbow in cold water for 20 to 30 seconds and then shake water off, don’t towel try. Then see how you feel.

    (I haven’t tried it, but I had heard there was one there)

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