Satanic monsters / Satanische Monster

The Scotsman reports:

A WEALTHY businessman was “deluded and insane” when he turned his back on his family and left his £8 million fortune to the Conservative Party, a court heard yesterday.
Branislav Kostic removed his only son from his will after stating that Margaret Thatcher was “the greatest leader of the free world in history” and that she would save the world from the “satanic monsters and freaks” conspiring against him.

N24 has it too:

Aus Bewunderung für die ehemalige britische Premierministerin Margaret Thatcher hat ein Geschäftsmann sein gesamtes Vermögen von acht Millionen Pfund (zwölf Millionen Euro) der Konservativen Partei vermacht. Das passte allerdings seiner Familie gar nicht, die am Mittwoch vor einem Gericht in London gegen das Testament klagte. Sie führt an, Branislav Kostic sei geistig verwirrt gewesen, als er die Torys zu seinen Erben gemacht habe.

I don’t believe that Margaret Thatcher reduced the number of Satanic monsters in Britain. Still, at least the testator knew the Prime Minister’s name. One test of mental stability included a question as to the name of the current PM, and apparently in Thatcher’s day more people answered the question correctly than under anyone else.

(Via Boing Boing)

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