Juridical person

A comment to the previous entry on legal entity mentions the term juridical person, which gets many ghits, although not all on English or U.S. sites.

Here’s a definition from the OECD site:

A juridical person, in the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS), means any legal entity duly constituted or otherwise organised under applicable law, whether for profit or otherwise, and whether privately-owned or governmentally-owned, including any corporation, trust, partnership, joint venture, sole proprietorship or association.

That’s a wider definition than that for legal person. Note the use of legal entity in the definition as the broader term.

See also Merriam Webster’s Dictionary of Law:

juridical person n, in the civil law of Louisiana: an entity (as a partnership or corporation) that is given rights and responsibilities – compare NATURAL PERSON

I don’t use this term when translating into English myself, but I would certainly take it as a synonym in context.

I looked at Black’s Legal Dictionary, but I don’t find much clarification there.

The OED has the first usage of juridical person in 1900, whereas juridical in other contexts is cited from 1502.

Looking at the OED for person, I find this sense under 6.a:

A human being (natural person) or body corporate or corporation (artificial person), having rights and duties recognized by the law.
1444 Rolls of Parlt. V. 75/1 And þey [the Master & Brethren of the Hospital] by that same name mowe be persones able to purchase Londez and Tenementz of all manere persones. 1475 Ibid. VI. 150/1 Any persone Temporell, corporat or not corporat. 1704 J. Harris Lex. Techn. I. s.v., A Writ that lies for Prebendaries, or other Spiritual Persons. 1765 Blackstone Comm. I. i. 123 Natural persons are such as the God of nature formed us; artificial are such as are created and devised by human laws for the purposes of society and government; which are called corporations or bodies politic. 1768–74 Tucker Lt. Nat. (1834) II. 188 A crowd is no distinct existence,+but if the same people be erected into a corporation, there is a new existence superadded; and they become a person in law capable to sue and be sued [etc.]. 1833 Act. 3 & 4 Will. IV, c. 74 §1 The word ‘Person’ shall extend to a Body Politic, Corporate, or Collegiate, as well as an Individual.

6.b is Euphemistically, the genitals.

1824 Act 5 Geo. IV c. 83 §4 Every Person wilfully, openly, lewdly and obscenely exposing his Person in any Street, Road or public Highway, or in View thereof, or in any place of public Resort, with intent to insult any Female+, shall be deemed a Rogue and Vagabond within the true Intent and Meaning of this Act.

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