Datenbank zu UN-Kaufrecht in sieben Sprachen
CISG in seven languages

Two professors have developed a database in German, English, French, Spranish, Italian, Dutch and Chinese. Once you have selected the article, you can compare up to seven languages at the same time.

This was the last link of the week at JIPS (German) before their summer break started, and it has appeared on a couple of mailing lists.

JIPS also recommended the European Law Network.

bq. These pages offer you a direct access to most resources available online about European law in the broader sense i.e, union and national law. From here, you can access. : 40 legal sites at the european level, 27 national Consititutions, over 30 national assemblies, 60 Supreme Courts, a dozen journals, and more than 40 blawgs that talk about national or European law. For each link we indicate what languages are available using the Commission’s terminology (EN ; English, FR ; Français, DE ; Deutsch, PL ; Polski…). The first two letters systematically indicate the member state where the link leads to. We are aware that they are not complete and will regularly update them.

Their blogroll even includes Transblawg, and also a number of other interesting-sounding blogs in various languages I am going to take a look at. There are many other interesting links, including links to eight online journals.

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