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Word Play is a new translation weblog by Hagit in Israel. It looks promising (by which I mean it looks as if it is going to discuss things about translation that interest me!).

Anatol Stefanowitsch in Bremer Sprachblog analyses and deflates the following Denglish statement by a Raiffeisenbank marketing director:

Im englischen Sprachgebrauch schafft die Redewendung „it depends on the point of view“ gedankliche Freiräume für Diskussionen und gegenseitiges Verständnis.

At Vorspeisenplatte, die Kaltmamsell is not one to run down British food, not only at Borough Market. But now she has encountered fried bread for the first time and gives a photograph – I think the bread in the photograph looks too oily and not brown enough. Most of the comments express horror. At least Hape says that bread done in oil in the oven was once eaten in Germany too.

The fried bread – dry toast is an alternative – is good for mopping up egg yolk or, especially, as a basis for fried or grilled tomatoes. Recovering from my first reaction of shame at ever having been involved in, indeed cooked, something so horrific, I ask myself why this is so different from a pile of pancakes and syrup in an American breakfast – I have a feeling they would get a better press.

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  1. No, I admit that would horrify even me, but there’s no batter in the picture. I got the impression that they might have deep-fried it, but eventhat I doubt. At home the bread would be the last thing fried, to mop up the juices in the pan, but in caf

  2. Hm, you may be right, but it is certainly deep-fried (fritiert, which I would usually understand to mean deep-fried in batter).

  3. OK, yes, it does look as if it could be deep-fried. I think the Mars Bars are done in batter! But I thought they originated in the USA – I think Nigella Lawson did them too.
    I liked the commenter who didn’t know what the white thing was on the bread.

  4. Thanks, Anselm. I should have guessed. I took the photo for the contrast between the retreating storm and the sun. If only I’d gone closer it might have been a good shot!

    Ich war nur einen Tag dort. Leider. H

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