Sign of the times:


This illustrates what I am sometimes afraid of:


At Edeka. I wonder what sex the children were?


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  1. Rauchen erlaubt.

    The Spanish anti-tobacco law says that all establishments under 100 m2 must decide to be smoking or non-smoking. The vast majority have chosen to be smoking and so, as required by law, they have signs saying so. This is the round red circle with a cigarette *without* the diagonal prohibition bar, and a verbal notice that ‘Smoking is permitted here’.


  2. Peter: this is a cigar shop. I must search for a picture of the Spanish sign – there’s bound to be one on flickr.

    Victor: It’s probably me, then. When I was a kid I used to know a boy who played with my dolls while I played with his trains. I think it was the ‘s

  3. Certainly, in the UK, tracker dog evidence is now admissible ‘hearsay’: R v. Pieterson (1995). But dogs and cats, with their famed 6th sense, are also known to have gone crazy in haunted houses and places where close relatives have been living.

    It would also be interesting for enquiries to reveal who, if anybody, hired the McCanns’ car at the time of, or just after, Maddie’s disappearance.

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