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  1. How about putting the boot on the other foot – conditions which a prospective client must fulfil before we lift a finger to help them. Things like:

    – Positive payment record (i.e. not a non-payer)
    – Decent rates
    – Prompt payment
    – Regularity of the work flow, and realism in deadline planning
    – Quality of feedback (verbal recognition for good work, manner of response to any problems)
    – Reliable job planning (i.e. penalty marks for clients that promise jobs, and even ask us to reserve time, but don’t deliver)
    – Attention to the quality of source material

    Anyone want to offer extra criteria, or attempt to quantify the weighting?

    I haven’t formalised my client evaluation, but I have three clients (one direct client and 2 agencies) that I bend over backwards to help because their cumulative client value puts them at the top of the pile; I have a few other clients that have a clearly positive rating, and a few that tend to come much lower down my motivational scale. And, of course, a constant flow of hopeful enquiries that I can’t/don’t give a positive response to.

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