Fürth webcam Hirsch-Apotheke

When I was searching for the last entry, I discovered a Fürth pedestrian zone webcam I didn’t know. It belongs to the Hirsch Apotheke and is practically on my corner. At the time of writing you can still see both the old and new rubbish bins beside each other. You can see the pretzel kiosk and Wurstbude, and the ticket machine that used to be a nice shade of green. Sometimes a couple of cats used to walk from one window on the roof of the building with New York on the ground floor, but maybe that no longer happens. Also the Rathaus in the distance, of course. And you don’t have to refresh the page to update the camera every 60 seconds.

Here’s another reference to the same webcam, on a page that leads to others. It was entered there on September 15.

Here are two shots of the webcam which I sneaked out and took.

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