Lawyer of love / Playboy-Anwältin

Questions of the week to the Lawyer of Love in Playboy:

Neil, White Plains NY:
I am engaged to be married. All my friends keep telling me I should insist on a prenuptial agreement but I am unsure and do not want to risk losing my fiancée. What do you recommend?
The Lawyer of Love:
Test her love. Demand a prenup.

Advice to another questioner:

So what is a guy to do? Grow some balls and make sure Wifey has an education beyond the first grade and that she remains employed at full capacity no matter how many children she bears. If you are really confident, you will marry a professional woman — and no, I don’t mean a hooker.

The Lawyer of Love is Corri Fetman, who already came to attention with the ad for divorce shown at the bottom right of her law firm’s site.

(Via John Bolch)

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