Food photography on the Web / Bilder von Nahrungsmitteln im Internet

I am green with envy at some of the photos in food blogs on the Web. Just consider Ideas in Food. Their food photos just got even better.

Thankfully we have readers who know more about photography than we do. After a recent flurry of emails we have made some adjustments and tweaks and now our pictures are truly popping. They make me smile. Applecheddarparsleytrufflesoup What is ironic is that the pictures we took just two and three days ago made me smile as I thought that they just could not get better. And still I sent out requests for honest feedback. Because I know that we have a lot to learn about photography. The response we received contained well thought out guidance and practical assistance for our photography and editing.

I think they might be more open about exactly what advice they got.

Then there’s a weird weblog by two Germans in Munich, delicious: days, directed at the American readership, where the style of the site is really what makes it (to rephrase McLuhan). I find their English exciting, too (and they know the right word for doughnuts in German).

Actually, it looks as if both use a shallow depth of field. I will have to try that. Unfortunately I’ve thrown my potato away. Here’s the best I could do – I don’t think any of these other bloggers will have accidentally grown potatoes in their kitchens:

Let’s try it again:

I’ll have to work on this. After all, I can’t afford one of those photos from German online cookbooks – which is just as well, because they don’t really whet the appetite. I’d better not have a screenshot of this blogger, either. (See ARD videoclip)

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