Seven deadly sins of translators/Sieben Todsünden der Übersetzer

The Masked Translator has a great post about the seven deadly sins of translators.

For translators this can take several strange forms. At first glance you may not think a freelance translator would find much to be wrathful at in their work. But many are the times Masked Translator has ranted about the horrendous rudeness of panicked agencies who call and wake our household up in the middle of the night trying to get us to do a job in a language combination we don’t even do. MT has also been known to rail in anger at the people who wrote the ******* documents in the first place. People with abysmal writing skills, terrible spelling, illegible handwriting, documents irritatingly peppered with slang or cryptic, in-house terms… MT has even been struck by conniptions of ire at the petty/stupid/irritating things people bothered to write down in the first place. Actually, come to think of it, that’s a lot of wrath. Translators should definitely work to get enough exercise and meditate or talk to other translators or do something to dissipate the wrath. We find blogging helpful…

I mean, not that I recognize myself there, of course…

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