Music for Labor Day/Lehrlinge halten zusammen

To while away the time while I finish my job, here is some German music from the 1960s, at WFMU’s Beware of the Blog:

For Labor Day, here is a perennial WFMU favorite of socialist propaganda songs from 1960s West Germany, the compilation “Lehrlinge halten zusammen” (“Apprentices stick together”). Released in 1969 on the Pläne label, it has never been officially reissued, as far as I know. Most of the lyrics are somewhat failed attempts at sarcastic humor, pointing out the exploitation of German apprentices by evil capitalists, and the virtues of organized resistance against the system. The back cover contains a summary of Karl Marx’s position on the question of youth in capitalistic societies, in six easily digestable points.

Why hasn’t this faded into total obscurity, you ask? First of all, the music and delivery on many of these songs is original, to say the least, and in addition this has been featured on the famous Nurse With Wound list for the contribution of mysterious Lerryn & dadazuzu, Lehrlings-Machtgebeat. Also, who can resist obscurities from Germany or Japan anyway? Here is the whole album for your enjoyment.

Thanks to kalebeul

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