Password required here/Passwortprobleme

The last three Transblawg posts or so required readers to enter a password.

This is because, suddenly, when I write a new entry, the password field is filled in. I can clear it.

I thought it was my fault, but no, it is the wonderful new Firefox:

Here’s the word from the Serendipity forum:

Yeah, a cool new feature of Firefox3 is that it auto-fills in your login password everyhwere where a fieldname matches, independently of whether you entered in there or not. Great for CMSes Very Happy

You must disable autocompletion somehow, so that firefox no longer auto-remembers this. I believe there’s an option to it, but I’ve never investigated it since I disabled the remember-me feature of FF3 completely as it’s useless because of this.

We cannot change the name of the input field, so I see no other solution.

(‘Very Happy’ stands for a smiley).

Perhaps I should just use another browser. Safari is better for doing the Times Sudoku, too – it doesn’t break off in the middle and delete all my answers.

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