German law in English website/Deutsches Recht auf Englisch-Site

A non-profit site for texts and links on German law in English has been set up with the help of the German Foreign Office:

Centre for German Legal Information

I completely missed this until alerted by a comment, but it has been widely announced on German embassies from the beginning of September onwards.

The site offers legislation, decisions and other materials, such as articles, with links to German law resources in English online.

It is possible to search for German or English titles (the German Law Archive only uses the English titles).

LATER NOTE: German statutes, for example, are translated into English by many different authorities, including international ones, and provided free of charge online. Not all the translations are good, of course, but legal translators need to be able to discriminate. One problem in finding statute translations is that the URL may change. You may often find a translation via Google if it isn’t where you expected.

This site should be a resource to find those translations. Thus, for example, if you have to translate a new statute including alterations to an old one, you may want to see what previous translators have done.

Having said that: the site does give a full text search, which I haven’t tried. It also has an FAQ and users’ guide. But I would hesitate to use a translated statute as a terminology resource.

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