Chitty on Contracts

The new edition of Book 1 of Chitty on Contracts is out – I must admit it won’t be on my Christmas list.

There is a nice review at Informationoverlord.

As you might expect Mr Chitty has managed to pack much more into the latest edition, so volume 1 runs for 2261 pages (as opposed to a mere 1967 in the 29th edition) , whilst volume 2 runs to 1928 (1785 in the 29th Edition). I should say here, that even back in the day, Mr C was not short of a word or two as this 3rd Edition (often cited at the classic edition) attests to. Only one volume needed back then, but still a respectable 976 pages

The Book cover is still grey with a “knobbly, elephant-skin-like” feel (copyright Jaffne), but the nice racing green of Edition 29 has been ditched in favour of a kind of Red/Orange colour for the faux name plate in Edition 30.

Via John Bolch

One thought on “Chitty on Contracts

  1. Terribly expensive but would make a jolly good bed-time read.

    Puzzling is its ubiquitous description as the Practitioners’ Bible on Contract when there are so many academic lawyers on its editorial board. I suppose practising lawyers just don’t have the time to hijack this 2-volume work and turn it into something of more manageable proportions.

    “One of the great merits of Chitty, with its imposing list of editors – many being distinguished academic lawyers – is that….”

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