1911 census/Volkszählung 1911

Since I do some family history, I was excited to find the 1911 census for England and Wales, or most of it, was made available online yesterday. Some parts, relating to infirmity, are regarded as personal and therefore only being made available in January 2012, but as for the rest, there was obviously a decision to break the 100-year rule – I was expecting to see this material in 2010.

Official 1911 census website.

Information page.

Useful information on how to access the site.

One thing I found mystifying – an aunt of mine, who I haven’t researched before, was aged seven, her father was a butler and her mother or both parents seem to have run a boarding house. One of the boarders, no relation, had the occupation ‘electrical sketch proprietor and comedian’. Maybe the OED will help me with the first part of that.

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