Hairdressers’ names in Germany/Friseurnamen

Under Huns, Hair Salons and Puns, Strange Maps reprints a map from Die Zeit, showing the incidence in Germany of salons named Haareszeiten, Haarmonie and Haargenau. Plus link to a flickr pool on hairdressers with funny names.

The map shows little except that the names are widespread. According to the article in Die Zeit, there are fewer such ridiculous names in Berlin and Munich, where they have had their day, than in Stuttgart or North-Rhine-Westphalia.

Was in Stuttgart noch als originell gilt, ist in Berlin längst verpönt. Dort nämlich ist der Originalitätsdruck so groß, dass die Friseure sich kaum noch trauen, sich wie alle zu nennen. Friseure heißen in den Berliner Bezirken, in denen die jungen, ironischen Menschen wohnen, schon wieder “Friseursalon”.

It looks as if this topic has been covered in more depth elsewhere. Even Bastian Sick has done it. Maybe Die Zeit just took the first three names mentioned in this thread at and pinned them down in the Yellow Pages. has many more listed. So does ronsens. All have more links, and Google is full of them. In fact, little else is written about on the Internet than hairdressers’ names.

I’ve already shown a photo of the local Happy Hairy People.

This reminds me of opticians’ window displays.


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