Franconia reduced in size/Franken schrumpft

Guardian article about the Weinereien in Berlin, where (after 8 pm at least) you pay what you want:

The Berlin Weinerei are the inadvertent brainchild of Jürgen Stumpf, who moved to the city in 1996 from the Bavarian town of Franken, where his family owns a five-hectare vineyard. He opened up a small wine shop selling his family’s wares in the rapidly emerging east of the city, and invited his nextdoor neighbour, Argentinean immigrant Mariano Goni, to cook for guests on Thursday nights.

I liked the ‘rapidly emerging east of the city’ too, and even better ‘Prenzlauer Berg, an area in the former east’.

Whatever happened to British spelling? ‘Reisling’ is traditional Grauniad, but ‘assholes’?

…sometimes there are assholes who spend the entire night here and pay €5,” said Mariano. “Especially Spanish people. …

(Mariano is from Argentina).

The New York Times understood it better:

Their owner hails from the north Bavarian region of Franconia, and more than half the wines are produced in Germany.

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