Franconian and Bavarian logos/Landessymbole

Some translators would like to have their Land logo on their business cards, but apparently that isn’t permitted. For this purpose, a Land symbol is created for anyone to use: Das Landessymbol Freistaat Bayern:

Um den Wünschen der Bürger nach einem genehmigungsfreien Zeichen dennoch entsprechen zu können, hat das Bayerische Staatsministerium des Innern 1987 folgende allgemeine Genehmigung erteilt:

The site shows six symbols, including three for Franconia.

The Franconian one is quite nice. I suppose I could even merge it with two Ms – if I wanted to use it. I’m sure one could do something exciting with the Bavarian one, too. One could change the colours, for a start! Or is there a sanction against that?

In other Bavarian news, the Bavarian Federal Patents Court has held that the Weißwurst does not have to be made in Munich – see MarkenBlog.

But may one cut it with a knife, or must the contents be sucked out?

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