Bianca Jagger and finder’s reward/Bianca Jagger und Finderlohn

Bianca Jagger lost a valuable ring in Austria. Austrian law requires that the finder be paid 5% of the value of the ring (German law has a similar provision). The finder has taken her to court in Salzburg for slander – she said that he handed in the ring far too late (8 days after it was announced in the press, before which time he thought the ring was worthless). After this civil case, it will be clear whether the finder’s reward is to be paid. It would be 10,000 euros.

Jagger, a human rights activist, made an alternative offer in November to pay 9,000 euros to Amnesty International and the remaining 1,000 euros to Ringler’s daughter, according to her Austrian lawyer Gabriel Lansky.

But negotiations between the parties failed.

The civil suit will go to court on May 4. If Jagger loses, she will have to pay 19,000 euros, including court and lawyers’ fees.

In the US, finder’s fee usually refers to a commission agreed to be paid for introducing businesses and customers.

Süddeutsche Zeitung report

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