Eurozone translations

Via the pt translators’ list at Yahoogroups, Eurozone Translations tell it like it is.

They refer those who require less to their subsidiaries, Rumpelstiltskin Translations and Vindaloo Translations.

Eurozone Translations bases its success on a very simple premise:
We know more about translating than the customer does.

We don’t tell our customers how to make their widgets and we’ll be damned if we’ll let our customers tell us how to translate.

We don’t hesitate to reject documents that don’t meet normal standards of coherence, grammar and common sense. If the source document is crap, why should we break our necks to turn out something better than the original? If you want that type of work, please contact our subsidiary, Rumpelstiltskin Translations.

But Eurozone Translations are in the USA, I suspect, and don’t actually exist as a translation company. Are they just trying to run Indian agencies down? Whois didn’t help much.

I’m not sure what good this site does anybody except to create cheap laughs about translators and increase the justified suspicion that an awful lot of them are no good.

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