Fürth and Unesco/Weltkulturerbe?

Here’s a staircase in a building in Mathildenstraße – when I pass an open door, I like to look into the staircase and back yard:

They’re not all very pretentious buildings, but there is a huge unbombed city centre with a huge number of listed buildings. Now there is an initiative to get Fürth recognized by Unesco as a world heritage site. Here’s a list of those in Germany – and everywhere else.

The Fürther Nachrichten report – in German but with pictures. The initiative is headed by Lothar Berthold, who publishes books on Fürth history, and there is a book on this subject too – in colour only direct from the publisher, in black and white also in bookshops.

Einzigartiges Fürth, Bildband der Initiative Weltkulturbewerber Fürth, 126 Seiten. In Farbe erhältlich nur beim Städtebilder-Verlag von Lothar Berthold, Schwabacher Straße 17, 90762 Fürth, Telefon (0911) 77 31 92, 28 Euro, in Schwarzweiß-Ausführung auch im Buchhandel, 18 Euro.

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