Austrian bean counters eye Heinz/Gebackene Bohnen

Heinz face anger over 58th variety, writes William Green in the Austrian Times.

Surely this is naive? I remember over twenty years ago being annoyed when I discovered that Cadbury’s chocolate sold in Germany had more sugar than the British kind.

Another taster Kathryn Quinn, 25, from Cumbria that now lives in Vienna said: “I lived off beans at University in Birmingham but the beans here taste horrible. It’s a shame as they were cheap and good for you. It’s just as well I can afford something better from the local cooking here.”

According to the Heinz labels the British tin is more than half full with beans – while the Austrian version contains less than half.

And the British beans have five per cent more tomato in their sauce than the Austrians who have more water, sugar and salt instead.

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