Libel law reform petition/Englisches Recht der Beleidigung – Unterschriftenliste

Simon Singh has been hampered by English libel law and requests signatures for his petition.

National Petition for Libel Law Reform

This doesn’t just affect people in the UK, as England is becoming a libel tourist destination.

Wikipedia on Singh:

In 2008, Singh was sued for libel by the British Chiropractic Association for criticising their activities in a column in The Guardian.[1] A backlash to the ongoing lawsuit has resulted in the filing of formal complaints of false advertising against more than 500 individual chiropractors within one 24 hour period, one national chiropractic organization ordering its members to take down their websites,[2] and Nature Medicine noting that the case has gathered wide support for Singh, as well as prompting calls for the reform of English libel laws.[3]

Ernst and Singh’s Trick or Treatment is a guide to research on alternative treatments – a good read – I keep it at hand. Here is a list of the translations into other languages.

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