New Fürth blog/”Fürther Freiheit”-Blog

Ralph Stenzel and Dr. Christopher Hornstein et al. have started a multi-author blog (in German) about Fürth, called Fürther Freiheit.

It has entries by nine authors to date, but others may apply to post (their work has to be ‘inhaltlich kompetent und sprachlich versiert’).

It looks as if some of the main topics will be architecture and local politics.

You can get the entries and comments by separate RSS feeds. The archives can be inspected by month, and there is a tag cloud too.

I started a Fürth blog myself some years ago, with the similar title Fürther Freiheiten. It was on Typepad, so when I stopped writing it I deleted it. I thought there would be lots of interesting things to write about Fürth, but it seemed to me to demand a wider range of entries than I felt like writing. It’s surely much better with several writers. If I wrote about one article in the local paper, there were many more I could have written on, and then the question arose: why

Another problem was that I wasn’t going to collect many German readers, nor did I want to write for a potential expat community. Forums like Toytown Germany I find very useful, but they aren’t what I would write.

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